Stainless Steel 304L Fabrication of Thermal Oxidiser nearing completion

Stainless Steel 304L Fabrication of 9m long x 3.1m diameter Thermal Oxidiser ( Tobacco Dryer ) nearing completion at our factory prior to installation of 225mm thick 1260 deg C body soluble ceramic fibre insulation.

Thermal Oxidiser

Working across multiple industry sectors to service our valued customers bespoke requirements.

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Skid Mounted Refractory Lined Waste Processing Reactor Ready for Installation

A proud day for Bricesco design and production teams !
Congratulations to our engineers, sub contractors and supplier network as after many months of devoted work from customer concept design / model this skid mounted refractory lined waste processing reactor, together with inter connecting refractory lined ducting and support steelwork, is en route to site where the bespoke design will enable installation within a matter of days.

More to follow in conjunction with our customer as we work together in partnership in readiness to commence the build of a second repeat unit within the next month.

Made in the UK – Engineered for Life

Skid Mounted Refractory Lined Waste Processing Reactor

Wagons Roll at Bricesco … delivery of Ducting Sections & Support Steelwork

Ducting Sections & Support Steelwork

Wagons Roll at Bricesco this past week for the customer priority phased delivery of 75m x 1.1m Ducting Sections and Support Steelwork supplied in accordance with CE EN1090 Execution Class 2 Factory Production Control.
This is the first of a 3 site project with our prestigious UK customer serving and upgrading major UK W2E Biomass Plants.

Constantly striving with our mission to provide a quality on time product to realise repeat customer business.

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We’re keeping them Rolling at Bricesco

With the on schedule despatch earlier this week of 300 cu.m Lift Off Hood Furnace , the vacated space at the Bricesco factory is already being replaced by the manufacture of a 9m long x 3m diameter Thermal Oxidiser.

Fabricated from 304 grade Stainless Steel the main chamber will be lined with 200mm Body Soluble Ceramic Fibre and a Cast Refractory Maintenance Walkway prior to export despatch, complete with manifold ducting.
The unit will operate at 800 deg C to oxidise VOC’s produced in the waste gas of the production process … more to follow.

Made in the UK – Engineered for Life

Together we can keep the economy moving

The second of two fabricated and ceramic fibre lined sections departing our premises this week en route to the customers factory where minimal site time with our specialist install engineers will join the sections to form a replacement 300 cu.m Lift Off Hood Furnace.

Made in the UK – Engineered for Life

Platers / Fabricators and Coded Welders – come and join team Bricesco!

Platers, Fabricators & Coded Welders Needed

Having maintained our workforce at 100% throughout 2020 and 2021 Bricesco have recently secured major new contracts that projects our order book into 2022.
We are committed to delivering on time and providing our established customer base with a quality ‘Made in the UK’ product to promote further repeat business.

If you possess the skills, experience and share our commitment then submit your application with CV to

Made in the UK – Engineered for Life

Making Access Safe

Bricesco are working at multiple sites in the UK for leading recycling group to upgrade and modify access plant and machinery steelwork to ensure that Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders conform to the latest UK regulations, all manufactured in accordance with CE EN1090 Execution Class 2 Factory Production for Structural Steelwork.

Health & Safety a priority whilst supporting Clean Growth !


Bricesco Awarded 100cu.m Furnace Top Hat contract

Production is under way to fabricate a replacement furnace top hat for an established Bricesco customer in the UK. The fully welded mild steel structure is to be lined with body soluble fibre 225mm thick at a density of 190k prior to delivery to site. The structure will be preassembled and lined structure at Bricesco premises before being delivered to site in two halves ensuring least disruption to the customers production by minimum site time