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Bricesco is pleased to confirm completion of relocation to NEW PREMISES

Bricesco is pleased to confirm completion of relocation to new premises.

Unit 101
Axcess 10, Bentley Road South
West Midlands, WS10 8LQ

Bricesco Unit 101

The modern 2000 sq.m unit, conveniently located within 1 mile of M6 Junction 10, is the new location for Bricesco Offices and Manufacturing Facilities.

The spacious production area, with a roof height of 10 metres incorporating a 5 tonne overhead crane and 3 x 1 tonne swing beam hoists,
provides for the fabrication of circa 150 tonne of carbon / stainless steel per month in addition to the assembly of industrial kilns and heat treatment furnaces.

Externally the facilities are complimented by a 1000 sq.m yard area.

The expansive office suite is home to our experienced engineering personnel for the in house design and manufacture of:

– Industrial Kilns and Heat Treatment Furnaces
– Steelwork and Sheet Metal Fabrication
– Coded Welding
– Pressure Tested Pipework
– Ceramic Fibre and Cast Refractory Lining Systems
– Bespoke Engineering Solutions
– Site Engineering Services
– Equipment Installation and Relocation

All procured in accordance with ISO 9001-2015

Our customers and suppliers are welcome to visit at their convenience or contact us enquiries@bricesco.co.uk

Recently Commissioned Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace

  • 1cu.m capacity
  • 90KW Installed Power
  • Operating Temperature 1150°C
  • Maximum Temperature 1250°C
  • Temperature Distribution ±3°C to AMS2750E
  • Ramp Rate 8°C per hour
  • Single Zone Thyristor Control
  • Fully Interlocked Safety System
  • Two Automatic Vertical Lift Doors
  • Automated Twin Bogie Arrangement

Bricesco specialise in the bespoke design of kilns and furnaces to customer requirements

Did you know that tailoring your requirements to existing proven designs significantly reduces capital cost

Enquire now at enquiries@bricesco.co.uk

New Contract with Global Leader in the Metal Recycling sector

Bricesco Engineering Division have been awarded a new contract by a Global Leader in the Metal Recycling sector to fabricate a 25 Tonne Support Structure.

With further live projects for this prestigious customer, with multiple UK locations, already quoted it is envisaged that this relationship will support the continued business growth of Bricesco.

New contract to design, supply, install and commission 10m long Electric Annealing Furnace

BRICESCO continue to be recognised as a leading UK supplier of Heat Treatment Furnaces to the Metallurgical Industry.

A new contract to design, supply, install and commission a 10m long Electric Annealing Furnace to a UK based Global Organisation enhances our bespoke customer base which stems back to 1932.

Enquire now how we can assist you with your kiln and furnace requirements for New Capital Equipment / Upgrades & Refurbishments / Spare Parts enquiries@bricesco.co.uk

Significant Bespoke Fabrication Project contract secured to supply one of the UK’s leading Water Industry contractors

Bricesco Engineering Division has secured a significant contract to supply one of the UK’s leading Water Industry contractors with a Bespoke Fabrication Project.

The In House capability to manufacture this sectionalised Stainless Steel Fabrication to industry quality standards and provide specialist engineers to undertake ‘Lifting Plans’ for the 4.2 tonne total structure to be lowered into a 15m void before completing the fabrication assembly in ‘Confined Space’ conditions, was considered both unique and highly beneficial by the customer for awarding the contract to Bricesco.

Bespoke Engineering Project Changes Local Landscape

Bricesco provided a Bespoke Engineering Solution to surpass competition from Demolition Contractors for the removal of High Level Carbon Black Silos, Feed Conveyors and Associated Equipment at a local UK Tyre Manufactures Premises. 

The six month project, carried out to the highest QUALITY and ENVIRONMENTAL conditions has been completed ONE MONTH AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION of our performance has resulted in additional work being placed which is currently on going.